Author: Bonnie Vanak

Category: Paranormal Romance

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A dragon shifter who stole an illegal book of spells finds herself the target of a powerful wizard who wants it back. Dragon shifter Lacey McGuire is in big trouble. Not only is she flat broke, but she has an immortal wizard pursuing her for possessing an illegal book of spells. Drust, the Coldfire Wizard, needs to destroy the book, but Lacey needs it to pay next month’s rent. What Lacey doesn’t know that the dark magick within the book can unleash a horde of demons hell bent on taking over the world. Equally dangerous are Lacey’s growing feelings for the sexy, intriguing Coldfire Wizard, for love is more lethal to her than any magick book. Controlled and disciplined, Coldfire Wizard Drust has vowed never to fall in love with a dragon shifter, but elusive Lacey threatens his resolve. Her fiery spirit and wicked sense of adventure bewitch him as much as they vex him. Drust must convince Lacey to surrender the book so he can destroy it. When a desperate Lacey uses another spell from the book, Drust will go to extreme lengths to protect her from the evil threatening to steal her very soul…