Author: April Aasheim

Category: Dark Fantasy & Paranormal

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“There are rules that must be followed, Maggie.”“Even in witchcraft?”“Especially in witchcraft. What someone puts into the world comes back to them.”“You mean karma?”“Like karma, yes. But for a witch it comes back threefold. Never forget that.”“That doesn’t seem fair.”“Who said life was fair?”In the second installment of The Daughters of Dark Root series, Maggie Maddock and her sisters are back, training under their coven-leading mother Miss Sasha Shantay to take over as the new leaders of The Council. But life isn’t as smooth as Maggie had hoped it would be. Harvest Home’s taxes have come due, and her mother’s illness has returned, stronger than ever. Desperate, Maggie and Eve devise a scheme to make money through witchcraft.And that’s when things go terribly wrong.*Author's Note* This is the second book in a series, but can be read as a stand alone novel. If you are interested in reading the entire Daughters of Dark Root Series I suggest you begin with The Witches of Dark Root as the second book contains spoilers for the first book.Books in The Daughters of Dark Root Series:The Witches of Dark RootThe Magick of Dark RootThe Curse of Dark Root: Part OneThe Curse of Dark Root: Part TwoThe Shadows of Dark RootBooks in The Children of Dark Root Series:Inherited MagickGifted MagickOther Dark Root Stories:The Council of Dark Root: ArmandA Dark Root Christmas: Merry's GiftA Dark Root Halloween: The Witching HourA Dark Root Solstice: Dora's DilemmaA Dark Root Christmas: Magick MistletoeA Dark Root Halloween: The Mystery of Ice Pond Road