Author: Primrose Roberts

Category: General Nonfiction

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Black history as you’ve never heard it before...Well before the Black Lives Matter movement took the world stage, people of color had been on an oft-silenced journey that follows a more familiar storyline. In this captivating and creative look at African American history, slavery is explored through the lens of an ancient biblical tale: Noah and the Flood.In much the same way as the flood blindsided the world, the European’s eagerness for large-scale slavery devastated the lives and shackled the freedom of millions of Africans. But with resourcefulness, strength and determination, many of them survived this bewildering assault with extraordinary tenacity.In this book you will discover:The whole story behind America’s enslavement and segregation of black people.How the “flood” of European slave ships uprooted Africans from their ancestral lands.How African Americans adapted to and navigated through the strange world thrust upon them.What we can learn by viewing the African American journey in the context of Homer’s The Odyssey and the story of Noah and the Flood.How understanding the Hero’s Journey and the Law of Attraction helps us to gain mastery of our own narratives.And MORE!Thoughtful, insightful and always empowering, The Lost Covenant allows readers a rare opportunity to contextualize the black experience within more familiar – and therefore powerfully accessible – parameters.SCROLL UP AND GRAB YOUR COPY TODAY!