Author: A.E. Rayne

Category: Fantasy

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This box-set includes three books and over two-thousand pages of thrilling epic fantasy!

Captured by a desperate lord intent on selling her, Alys de Sant is forced to reveal a dangerous secret to save her life.

Alekka is an ancient kingdom beset with rivalries, and though there has been a period of relative peace, the king’s enemies have grown emboldened, seeking to rise against him and steal the throne.Trapped in a small fishing village, an unhappy Alys is oblivious to it all until she is torn away from her family and forced to confront the dark forces at work and her own mysterious past.Lord Reinar Vilander is acutely aware of the king’s precarious position, for his fort guards the bridge to Alekka’s capital. Enemies range above him, planning their attack – enemies with dreamers capable of wielding dark magic. And Reinar fears that a skilled dreamer is worth a few thousand men.Needing to act fast to shore up his defenses, he takes his ships to sea, looking for slaves to sell, hoping to earn enough silver to tempt more warriors to join him. Though one of the women catches his eye, then captures his attention entirely.A beautiful woman in a green dress.Her name is Alys.And though he doesn’t know it, Alys is about to change his life...

The Lords of Alekka

is a gripping six-part epic fantasy series. Fast-paced and action-packed, it is a fresh delight of twists and turns, infused with magic, romance, mystery, and just the right amount of epic battles to keep you on the edge of your seat!

This box-set includes:

Eye of the WolfMark of the HunterBlood of the Raven

What readers are saying:

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‘I couldn’t put it down. A brilliant epic fantasy that keeps you gripped to the end. Now onto the next instalment.’

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‘I haven’t been caught up so much in a story for ages... enthralling, exciting and leaves you hoping there’s more, and there is!’

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‘This series that made me skip lunch, stay up late, and grab the next in series like a rabid addict! No less than a 5-star rating acceptable and it satisfied every thing I look for in an awesome read. Anyone who likes LOTR will enjoy this.’

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‘I simply loved these books it is that simple. As a teacher I often find it hard to really enjoy a book as I am constantly editing it as I go along. Not with these, they are incredibly well written.’

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‘I loved the entire 3 books. I am already starting Book 4 now. Very good read.’

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‘If you’re a fan of epic fantasies, this gives a full Game of Thrones meets Vikings feel and it keeps you on the edge of your seat throughout.’

Note: This book contains adult themes and mature content