The Lonely Heart Attack Club by J. C. Williams

Author: J. C. Williams

Category: Humor

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Welcome to the Isle of Man's first dating and social club for the elderly!
'A laugh-out-loud comedy, that's poignant, uplifting and ridiculously funny'
'If you take life too seriously, this one's not for you. If you don't, strap yourself in for the funniest book you'll read this year'
'This perfect holiday read will leave you with tears of laughter and sorrow'
Please also look out for the next two books in the series - The Lonely Heart Attack Club - 'Wrinkly Olympics' & also "Project VIP" available now!
Jack Tate is hopeless…
Everything he touches turns into a disaster, though he does mean well.His business is even less successful than his love life.
Most of the customers in his coffee shop have deserted him for the major chains, leaving him only with the old folk, for the most part, who unfortunately don’t have or spend all that much dosh.
Bracing herself for a trip to the job centre, his underappreciated assistant, Emma, helps Jack realise that the solution could actually be right under his very nose. The last chance to save his failing business could well be the formation of the Isle of Man’s first and only dating club for the elderly: The Lonely Heart Attack Club!
While the majority of his wrinkly client base may be in their twilight years, Jack will soon come to realise that there are still a fair number of tunes left to play on an old fiddle, so to speak.
The third book in the hilarious series, Project VIP is out now!