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You are DONE second-guessing yourself. You’re ready to move from "Dare I?" to "Hell, Yeah!" This little book is your fast track to the life you really want.From the moment you drew your first breath, you were good enough. The Little Book of Good Enough will help you to quiet your inner critic, to ditch the doubt that has plagued you your whole life, and to reclaim your self-worth.

It’s time to set out on the path to the life you really want.

In this book, you’ll discover how to unpack your unconscious beliefs and behaviors so that you can finally understand why you’ve been feeling the way that you have—and learn how you can stop those negative thoughts in their tracks. You’ll be able to put an end to your self-sabotage. You’ll realize that you are brave and strong enough, capable of moving beyond self-deception and embracing the abundant life you deserve. It’s time to take charge, to stop drifting, and to choose what will nurture you, serve you, and ultimately bring you happiness you so richly deserve.

You have all you need within you. It’s time to begin.