Author: Paula Johnston

Category: Thrillers & Suspense

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The Twisted Psychological Thriller That Proves There’s a Price to Pay for Infatuation…


"An explosive debut novel by Scottish Author, Paula Johnston!!"

"I was hooked from the beginning and didn't put it down. Gripping, full of twists and just brilliantly written. An outstanding debut novel.”"An emotional thriller, full of suspense. It leaves you on the edge of your seat wanting more!”

“A book you simply can't put down. Smart, gripping and full of characters you don't know whether to love or hate."


Karly Winters has waited ten long years to have the man of her dreams, the handsome but duplicitous Jacob Cruthers. From her home in Glasgow she pines for the Londoner who casually keeps her dangling, never with a thought of giving her what she wants and never with any intention of leaving his wife.

For her part, Karly has no intentions of being second best any longer and she hatches an artful plan of devious intent that she is certain will work in her favour. Now, embarking on her dangerous game of high stakes, she is all too aware that someone is likely to get hurt. But for the winner, the prize will be incalculable.But Karly hasn’t reckoned for new and equally underhanded forces that are at work. Lurking in the shadows are others, with their own agendas to follow and equally ruthless in their objectives. With various factions hurtling towards a confrontation that none of them saw coming, someone is going to pay the price of infatuation.

But who?