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The Lemonade Stand is a collection of true stories of courage and perseverance contributed by nineteen inspiring women.Sometimes our biggest fears come to life—the tumor is malignant, you are going to prison, or you get that dreaded phone call in the middle of the night. When the worst kind of news arrives, it rocks your world. Finding that glimmer of hope to go on may seem impossible. Well, you’ve arrived at the right place. Welcome to The Lemonade Stand, where 19 brave women share their stories to surround you with grace. The Lemonade Stand is a true-story anthology—a legacy we are proud to carry forward with a unique twist. Courage and vulnerability are at the heart of each story. Triumph waits at each story's end. Author and contributor Michelle Faust wanted to share her story of perseverance with others. After writing a powerful essay about her struggles, she wanted to reach as many people as possible. As she began to share her story with those in her personal and professional network, she made an unexpected discovery. Others, too, had a common history of overcoming seemingly insurmountable tragedies, but just like Michelle, they had emerged with newfound strength and the desire to help others. She approached these brave women with the idea of sharing their collective wisdom in a book. The Lemonade Stand was born. While those sour lemons can invade both our entrepreneurial visions and success in life, they provide an opportunity to come together as a community of support. This book is a light for those in the dark. Expect to connect with a network of survivors. No matter how harrowing the ordeal, know that health, joy, and success do return, and are waiting on the other side of calamity.List of AuthorsMichelle Faust (author and compiler)Veronica BahnKristine BinderLynn BrownAislinn EllisMayra HawkinsAlicia LaszewskiDavina LyonsDr. Kristy MorganVickie MudraKarianne MunstedtTracy O’MalleyHolly PasutElena PorterBarbara RegisSamantha RootCharlotte ShaffKate WeeksDonita Bath Wheeler