The Last Dragon by Genevieve Jack

Author: Genevieve Jack

Category: Paranormal Romance

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He's lost his royal title. She's lost her family's fortune. Can a gamble on each other pay off?
He's a dead man walking.
After three hundred years in the underworld, dragon shifter Marius must face a world that has moved on without him. Haunted by nightmares about the horrors he endured, he's desperate for distraction. He finds relief in the exhaustion that comes when fellow dragon shifter Harlow, the alluring daughter of a washed-up Paragonian aristocrat, agrees to train him to fight.
She's flirting with danger.
Life as Harlow knew it is over. Her family was lucky to escape execution for their former support of overthrown tyrant Empress Eleanor. Now she's just thankful to be alive and that her keen talent for pit fighting has earned her a job training Marius. The money is the only thing keeping her family afloat, but growing close to Marius could be hazardous to her health.
Together they'll battle ghosts of seasons past.
When echoes from his time in the underworld pull Marius back into the violent domain of the dead, can Harlow help him break his ties to the past before death reclaims what it lost?
Don't miss this installment in the Treasure of Paragon world by award winning and USA Today bestselling author Genevieve Jack.
????? "The Last Dragon is a must read for anyone who loves dragons, witches, wounded heroes, feisty independent heroines, royal intrigue, child prodigies with mysterious powers, sinister nightmares, otherworldly dimensional quests, and most importantly, fated mates. Think of it as Game of Thrones, except the dragons are hot guys (and a gal), the witches are not "dark and full of shadows", and you won't be disappointed with the ending." -Buffyanna book blog