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(Job Search, Job Hunting, Resumes and Job Interview Guide)"The job you always wanted today!" teaches readers how to effectively communicate their business value to employers. Job seekers that are highly valued by employers are quickly hired and are usually the highest paid and prized employees within any company. If you are looking for new ideas to help take your career to the next level or strategies to help you land that prized job or interview, then this book is likely the best resource to start with.You will also learn:The top reason why résumés are rejected by Hiring ManagersThe language you will need to have on your résumé that gets the attention of Hiring ManagersA proven yet simple strategy used by 1000s of professionals when interviewingA unique approach developed by the author that will quickly cause Hiring Managers to recognize your business value and want you on their teamWhy getting hired quickly requires you to not use Job Boards, Recruiters or Applicant Tracking SystemsA new targeted job search approach that gets results fasterHow meditation gives job seekers a unique edge

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