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One of the hardest things a woman has to do after losing herself in a man, is find herself. After wrapping her insecurities in blankets of faux love and pretending to be strong for so long, Egypt Swanson is left broken and feeling as if all hope is lost. However, a disastrous debacle of a mission flips her entire world upside down. Left with no other choice, she's forced to do things she never thought she'd do with a narcissistic man who makes her unconsciously begin to reevaluate her life and want to tackle her fears head on. He introduces her to his underground world where sex, money, and fantasy go hand in hand, prompting the wild child inside of her to break free. And her newfound friend is enjoying every moment of her discomfort.Although beautiful, Egypt is a broken woman with a fly mouth and even worse attitude that Savoy Walters, known to the streets as Three, would've never given the time of day. He likes his women like he likes his money, fast and easy. However, Ms. Egypt brings about a challenge, a challenge that Three's willing to accept. Business always comes before pleasure, and Three knows first hand the two are never supposed to mix, but for some reason he can't stay away. When the women in his life take notice of his changes, there are quite a few that's not too pleased, and are willing to fight for the man they believe is supposed to be theirs. The illest love, meaning there's nothing better than. It's the sickest, maddest, best shit ever and that's exactly what this new love or lack there of is to this unlikely pair.

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