Author: Tony Moyle

Category: Humor

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Four middle-aged losers. Five ridiculous dares. One prize.

Eric Gideon has always found it impossible to say ‘no’ to a challenge. Traverse the alps on a pogo stick? Absolutely. Blag your way into a Royal wedding? No problem. Swim the English Channel wearing handcuffs? Hold my beer. But when Sean Heschmeyer provokes him to attempt five improbable dares in seven days, even Eric might be out of his depth.

Sean isn’t any old challenger. He’s a multi-millionaire with a twenty year grudge. The unfortunate victim of an Eric dare that had life changing consequences. Now it’s time Eric and the other members of the ‘Idiots’ Club’ experienced some payback in the only way they understand; a game. But unlike the juvenile pranks of old these dares will ruin their lives and destroy their friendships. Unfortunately for Eric, the old members of his club aren't that close anymore and, under Sean's rules, none of them can win the ten million pound prize he's offering unless they work together.

Eric must convince Callum, the world’s worst entrepreneur, Josh, a serial divorcee, and Micky, a moderately successful Pharmacist, that taking on challenges involving a narcoleptic ex-girlfriend, five disgruntled black ops mercenaries, a World War Two bomb and a family of hat-loving night monkeys is worth risking their livelihoods, reputations, and relationships. Not that they have much of those left these days. Worse still the reunion will force them to face up to what they did to Sean all those years ago. Which, as it turns out, might be a lot harder than stealing a lion.