Author: Dr.Amschel (pseudonym)

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The problem of perception is the greatest problem in the whole philosophy. Naive realism is a theory belonging to the philosophy of mind established as a common-sense theory of perception. It describes people’s inclination to trust they see the social world “as it is” or as a representation of objective reality, instead of a subjective creation and interpretation of reality. This is the blind trust of an individual that perceptions are realistic, rather than prejudiced interpretations of the social world.
Perception is a subjective construction of the social world instead of direct representation of objective reality.
From Naive realism, it follows that perception is what establishes your reality. Hence, if you change your perception you will change your reality. If you change your reality, you will change your life. If you change your life, you will change your destiny. And some destinies are here to change the world.
A challenging journey of self-discovery of the essence of your being explored through the prism of Lucifer’s sin and related psychological phenomena are presented in this book.