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Are you trapped in a personal crisis? Learn how to release the pain in your mind, body, and spirit.

Many of us suffer from stored tension and trauma and have had limited results from traditional healthcare practices. You feel good for a while but soon find yourself lapsing back to the way you felt before.


Because the tension and trauma that you live with every day are stuck in your cellular memory.

Lasting change is what all of us desire so we can finally be at peace with ourselves and the world around us.

Consciousness-therapy expert Phoenix Rising Star has twenty years of experience mending the body’s damage, both inside and out. Now she’s here to teach you how to enrich your existence and live a more peaceful life by addressing your cellular memories on a cellular and energetic level with her The Healing Angel Protocol™.

The Hollow Bone of Healing: Miracles and Messages from the Quantum Field of Source Energy is a perceptive approach to recognizing your natural communicative vitality. Between translating information from your anatomy and practicing the book’s six guided meditations, Rising Star’s revolutionary techniques will coach you on how to gently release trauma. By following her three-part manual, you’ll understand how to manifest your heart’s desires, clear space with love and light, and elevate your awareness.

In The Hollow Bone of Healing, you’ll discover:

Methods to liberate yourself from pent-up anguish so you can truly know peaceHow to interpret restorative signals to give yourself the care you needWays to feel the power of Pure Love to nourish your soulThe best strategies for personal reflection so you can deepen your transformationTools for trusting inner guidance to quickly repair strain, and much, much more!

The Hollow Bone of Healing: Miracles and Messages from the Quantum Field of Source Energy is an essential guide for those looking to enter the self-healing community as well as experienced practitioners. If you like heart-centered readings, reliable rejuvenating approaches, and journeys of love and joy, then you’ll adore Phoenix Rising Star’s life-changing methodology.

Order The Hollow Bone of Healing to bring harmony into your daily routine today!