Author: Abigail Drake

Category: Cozy Mystery

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A brilliant chemist.

A dusty old magic shop. A secret book of spells. What could possibly go wrong?

When PhD candidate Grace O’Leary finds a book of spells hidden in her Aunt Lucy’s run-down shop, the scientist in her itches to try them out. She mixes up a batch of love potions as a joke—and is left facing the consequences when they actually seem to work.Her dream of becoming a professor is in peril, the shop is on the verge of closing, her aunt has become forgetful and confused, and a handsome reporter named Dario Fontana keeps sniffing around for a story. The last thing she needs is for him to find out about the love potions and expose her as fraud, but the sizzling chemistry between them is soon too powerful to deny.With her personal and professional life in chaos, and her budding relationship with Dario in jeopardy, Grace is faced with a difficult choice. Fixing what is broken means going against every logical bone in her body. Can Grace silence her scientific brain long enough to accept the truth about magic…and also about herself?