Author: Cathy MacRae

Category: Historical Romance

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New cover and edits.He's married the wrong woman. She’s determined to correct the mistake. Will this unlikely pair be able to make a fresh start? Or will secrets undermine their chance at happiness?Scotland. 1375 A.D. A generations-long feud rages between the Scott and Barde clans. Weary of the strife along his border, King Robert II decrees a marriage between Laird Eaden Scott and Lord Barde’s daughter, Miriam. But when marriage negotiations fail, Eaden takes matters into his own hands and kidnaps his bride.Mary Marsh only wanted to help her friend. Sleeping in Miriam’s bed whilst she slipped away for the evening had seemed simple enough—until a stranger enters the chamber in the dead of night, and a misstep lands Mary with more than a bump on her head and a temporary loss of memory.With no recourse for their accidental marriage, the hardheaded laird and shy lady’s companion must either live in strife or find common ground. Will Eaden be able to convince Mary of his growing love? Or will she find the ghosts of his past too much to bear?