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Do you think modern medicines have more contraindications than benefits?Would you like to learn how to treat your body with 100% natural remedies?

Over the past century, we have moved further and further away from nature and its incredible healing power, forgetting how powerful and effective it is in fighting so many common problems.Modern medicine has replaced traditional medicine, based on herbs, infusions, and oils, providing immediate relief without treating the root problem.Native Americans knew well how to use the power of nature: living in close contact with unspoiled expanses, forests, and mountains, they learned deeply how to harness every plant, root, or flower that grew wild.If you want to treat yourself with natural, healthy, and truly effective methods, "The Herbal Remedies & Natural Medicine Bible"is the guide for you!Here's what you'll find in his nine books:

Herbs traditions - A fascinating retrospective of Native American traditions that will enable you to fully understand their herbalist culture; Apothecary - A very useful apothecary containing 23 herbs widely used by natives, essential for a good herbalist; Herbal Preparation - 15 different preparations used since ancient times to release the healing power of your herbs in the right way; Healing Herbs for Teas and Infusion – Use herbs to prepare delicious teas and decoctions with extraordinary healing power; Natural Herbs Remedies – A journey into Native American medicine to combat allergies, physical ailments, and mutagenicity; How to Grow and Use Herbs – The most effective ways to make the best herbs grow lushly for health care and never miss them; Herbal Remedies - To successfully fight arthritis, flatulence, headaches, nausea, and so many other diseases without resorting to toxic medicines; Recipes – Absorb the healing power of herbs through recipes suitable for all types of conditions and food intolerances; Essential Oils - A guide to the uses of essential oils and their anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties;

AND MUCH, MUCH MORE!If you are unfamiliar with plants and how to find them, you will find detailed illustrations in this guide that will help you recognize them at first glance and use them to treat all your health problems best!

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