Author: Kate Birdsall

Category: Mysteries

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When Detective Liz Boyle receives an urgent phone call from her lieutenant on her day off, she knows the news won’t be good. She and her partner, Tom Goran, arrive at the new crime scene, which is in a cemetery located on the Cleveland/Cleveland Heights border, and discover that someone has brutally beaten a locally famous defense attorney to death.As the investigation takes them deeper into the city’s—and the police department’s—seedy underbelly, the case begins to throw the blue wall of silence into question. Liz has a strong desire to do the right thing, but she also must pick her way around the department bureaucracy to avoid being thought a rat, an accusation that could end her career.Liz’s dance through the gritty city threatens to finish her and her crew, including Tom and Lieutenant Fishner. Once again, Detective Liz Boyle is plunged into a case that will test her personal and professional allegiances.