Author: Cat Knight

Category: Horror & Paranormal

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When it comes to old English manor houses, there are always rumours about them being haunted, but no one believes it. Especially when they are eagerly buying one for a song. But perhaps that’s a big mistake?

The old manor seemed the perfect place for a bed and breakfast, and Alison put all of her money into it, determined to make a go of it. But from the start, something wasn’t quite right. The locals didn’t want to work for her, and the rumours of odd happenings were disturbing.

Then, when items went missing, and were later found in odd places, Alison rationalised – ghosts didn’t exist, did they? But there was no making sense of the rows of keys that kept appearing, always in the same place, and never where she’d left them.When a knife sliced her boyfriend chef’s hand, and their friend was tipped off a ladder and injured, whilst alone in a room, Alison began to get really nervous. But she couldn’t give up – could she?Then the kitchen was trashed, and the knives and pokers came flying at her, and she barely escaped alive. It was time to admit that there was a problem – a very deadly problem.Can Alison fix whatever ails Blakely Manor before someone gets killed? Or is it too late already?

List of Books

The Haunting of Elleric Lodge

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The Haunting of Fairview House

The Haunting of Keira O’Connell

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The Haunting of Highcliff Hall

The Haunting of Stone Street Cemetery

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Ghosts and Haunted Houses Vol One

The Haunting of the Grey Lady

The Haunting of Blakely Manor

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