Author: R.S. Lively

Category: Contemporary Romance

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Waking up hungover next to your former enemy?Nothing to feel shameful about.Add a huge rock to the equation?Alright... I'm going need something stronger than tequila.  I'm just your average girl. Stumbling my way in the world.My life was simple, waitress by day.Activist by night...  That is till the stuck-up suit walked into my life.Arrogant in his demeanor, cold, and unfeeling.Exactly how I thought a billionaire would be.It should have been so easy to hate him.But my every desire to punch him came with a greater desire to kiss him.Losing my v-card to that sexy jerk shouldn't have been so complicated.But little did I know my life was going to be far from simple.  Roses are red, violets are blue.This Valentine's Day there's a tiny bundle just for you.