Author: David Beers

Category: Science Fiction

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Alistair Kane is the greatest Titan the corps has ever produced.

Known as Odin to the masses, Alistair is the last line of defense in the unending war against the Subversives who want to overthrow the Commonwealth.

The legend he’s built over two decades of unquestioning service has earned him the trust of the Imperial Ascendant and the privilege of living a good life with the wife he loves.

Alistair’s mission is simple: catch and kill two Subversives.

One act of mercy will change his life forever.

Alexander’s family have ruled the Commonwealth for ten generations by crushing dissent from the AllMother’s Subversives.

His 30 years as Imperial Ascendant have been peaceful, but now the most celebrated Titan who ever lived has betrayed him. Alexander is thrown into a race against time and fate as the odds stack up against him.

Separated from his wife, Alistair takes a stand against the might of the Commonwealth. He does not stand alone. The mysterious AllMother has been waiting for her champion to lead humanity to freedom from the tyranny of the Ascendant.

Odin will die, and Prometheus will rise from the ashes.

Can Alistair survive long enough to save his love from Alexander’s clutches? Or will Earth’s greatest warrior fall to its greatest ruler?

Pick up this complete series boxed set and bear witness to the birth of a war god and the beginning of the end for an empire.