Author: Johanna Frank

Category: Fantasy

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IMAGINE. There you are, enjoying a sweet Afterlife. Then Kingdom Authoritarians say, YOU MUST GO BACK.

“There are many moments here that should delight lovers of fantasy.” –Kirkus Review

It was supposed to be simple. Pipiera merely had to reach out and make a connection with some Matthew boy on Earth. His fate was supposedly at stake, and she wasn’t sure she even cared. So why Kingdom Authoritarians beckoned her to be his teacher was a mystery. Her own Earth journey had been brief; what value could she possibly pass on anyway?Meanwhile, Matthew Mackenzie wanted to be anywhere but in small town Havensight; and be anyone but himself. So, when bullies beat him unconscious, he was more than willing to leave Earth behind.Will Pipiera unshackle the doom this Matthew boy will face?Will her return to any kind of ‘sweet afterlife’ even be possible after what she learns?


A Lifeline Fantasy Novel

by Johanna Frank, where an adopted line of earthly descendants must survive perpetual attacks on their character.THE GATEKEEPER's DESCENDANTS--an epic, coming of age supernatural fantasy!