The Frozen Flame Publisher’s Pack: Books 0–2 by Paul J Bennett

Author: Paul J Bennett

Category: Fantasy

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Magic is the key...but will it save them, or consume them?
Contains books 1, 2 and the Prequel of The Frozen Flame series.
Will their enemies destroy them before they reveal the truth?
Discover a land infused with magic and mystery as Paul J Bennett's newest Sword & Sorcery series, The Frozen Flame, begins. Curl up with your copy today, and enjoy a spellbinding tale!
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Books by Paul J Bennett
The Frozen Flame Series:
Awakening- Prequels
Heir to the Crown Series:
Battle at the River - Prequel
Servant of the Crown
Sword of the Crown
Mercerian Tales: Stories of the Past
Heart of the Crown
Shadow of the Crown
Mercerian Tales: The Call of Magic
Fate of the Crown
Burden of the Crown
Mercerian Tales: The Making of a Man
Defender of the Crown
Fury of the Crown
Mercerian Tales: Honour Thy Ancestors
War of the Crown
Triumph of the Crown
Guardian of the Crown
Power Ascending Series:
Tempered Steel - Prequel
Temple Knight
Warrior Knight
Temple Captain
Warrior Lord
Temple Commander
The Chronicles of Cyric:
Into the Maelstrom - Prequel
A Midwinter Murder
The Beast of Brunhausen
A Plague in Zeiderbruch