Author: Richard Raley

Category: Dark Fantasy & Paranormal

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My name is King Henry Price.

Yes, really.

Family is gonna be the death of me. That or my foul mouth. Or my pugnacious personality. Or . . . well, okay, so I'm the kind of guy might get his mortal coil snuffed out from any number of directions. But family, family is the one I can't change, one that's stuck with me.

The one I left behind. Or tried to at least, when I went to train at the Institution of Elements for seven years, learning to be an Artificer. Big deal in the magical world, being an Artificer, especially running the only free and self-owned Artificer shop in the Western Hemisphere.

Left family behind, yes I did. Joined a whole new world. Joined it more than ever a few months back when I got kidnapped by a vampire, forced to work for her in solving some theft of a big bad magic item. Survived that somehow, even got a magic wand out of it, look at me! All big and tough, writing my name large on the wall of life!

But family? Might not survive them. Might not survive finding one of my long lost sisters, especially seeing she's hanging with some Coyote Nation goons. Machine guns, even magic don't like machine guns.

Jordan Josephine Price . . . found you at last.