Author: Deanna Roy

Category: New Adult Romance

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Steamy. Emotional. And now, all in one boxed set.The first three standalone novels in the USA Today bestselling Forever series is available in one volume!"One of my favorite love stories, ever." -- Brittany and Biana Blab Books"A love you wish everyone could experience." -- Book Drunk BlogBOOK 1: FOREVER INNOCENTA Top 30 Book on Amazon"Our baby died on prom night, and nothing was ever the same again."Corabelle doesn't feel like any of the other college girls. On what should have been one of the happiest nights of her life, she and her boyfriend Gavin watched a nurse disconnect the ventilator from their seven-day-old baby. During the funeral two days later, Gavin walked out and never returned.Since then, her life has been a spiral of disasters. The only thing that has helped is her ability to black out whenever the pain gets too hard to bear, a habit that has become an addiction.When Gavin shows up in her astronomy class four years later, he is hell-bent on getting her back, insisting she forgive him. Corabelle knows she can't resist the touch that fills the empty ache that has haunted her since he left. But if he learns what she has done, if he follows the trail back through her past, her secrets will destroy their love completely. And once again, she'll lose the only person who always believed she was innocent.BOOK 2: FOREVER LOVED"Delivered with sensitivity, brutal honesty, emotional scenes, and an everlasting hope that love can conquer all." -- Hesperia Loves Books"Did I cry? Oh yeah, but not for the same reasons as before. Will this book stay on my shelf for years to come! You betcha!" -- 2 BookaholicsAfter four long years of separation, Gavin has finally reunited with his childhood love Corabelle. She's forgiven him for leaving her during the funeral of their seven-day-old baby.But a message from Rosa, a prostitute he met during their time apart, brings his life to a crashing halt. She claims Gavin has fathered a son. He doesn't know if he can trust Rosa, or if his delicate reconciliation with Corabelle can withstand the shock if it is true.Corabelle believes their future together is the right thing despite their past. But when she learns of this other child, the one thing she lost long ago and might never have again with Gavin, Corabelle's faith that her life will ever follow her old dream is shattered. To make things right for Gavin and his son, she just might have to let go of the only person she always believed would be her forever love.BOOK 3: FOREVER SHELTERED"Hooked me from Chapter 1." -- Fire and Ice Book Reviews"Put this on your TBR list and bump it to the top." -- Eat Sleep Read BlogTina would rather sew up her girl parts with dental floss than go on a second date with a man. She's been dumped enough to know not to get attached.But when Dr. Darion Marks comes into her art therapy room to ask a favor for a special patient, Tina recognizes the haunted look he buries beneath his stoic professionalism. So rather than be forced to ditch the handsome doctor after a single night, she decides not to date him at all.So how exactly DO they end up half-naked in Surgical Suite B?Dr. Darion has a lot to hide. His baby sister is the only family he has left, and he's not leaving her treatment to some incompetent hack.But now he's breaking every hospital rule imaginable. He lied about his sister so he can manage her care, and now he's banging the art therapy teacher between patient rounds like a fraternity boy at a keg party.Nobody believes this can end well, but Dr. Darion and Tina have one thing going for them - a fierce passion for each other that just might solve all their problems.THREE COMPLETE FULL-LENGTH NOVELS.Catch up on the series for one discounted price.