Author: Eliza Green

Category: Teen & Young Adult

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Train hard. Trust no one. Survive at all costs.Anya always believed she was safe, but when her parents are brutally murdered, she is thrust into a new reality. Forced into a training facility that teaches survival, Anya vows to avenge their deaths.Being pitted against other teenagers in game-like scenarios quickly becomes her new norm. The training makes Anya stronger and more resilient. But when she falls for a trick to eliminate her competition, the facility’s sinister motives are exposed.Her new home is no sanctuary and a heartbroken Anya is left with a devastating choice. Play by the savage rules and get out, or follow her heart and pay the price.Broken heroines and machine minds battle in this exciting young adult science-fiction suspense series. THE FACILITY is the first book in the Breeder Files series.

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