The Exceptional Applicant by Deborah Bedor

Author: Deborah Bedor

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College acceptance has changed in big ways since the pandemic, and you need to know how. Now, learn about the shifts in and strategies for a vibrant high school journey and college acceptance at your dream schools from nationally beloved and renowned Admissions Advisor, Dr. Deborah Bedor.
In this book you will learn the following important items that will take your application to the next level.
Develop Your Exceptional Applicant Mindset
Big, bold, creative ideas to differentiate you from the crowd of other intelligent students stuck in a standardized educational world.
Write Your Winning Application
You'll use this unique resource as an “anthology of activation” that will inspire you to take the pieces of your high school life and combine them with the six most important success factors for college applications and Acceptance.
Wise Advice From Expert Mentors
Nationally-renowned subject experts mentor you in these pages, so you can differentiate yourself via projects in computer science, machine learning, artificial intelligence, research sciences, mathematics for national competitions, debate, athletic leadership, business, humanities, and music.
Admissions doesn't care what you do--they care why you do it and how thoughtfully and passionately you can express your journey.