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Is Your teen Anxious, Unconfident, or Shy?Has Your teen’s confidence taken a HIT from the stress and disruptions of the pandemic?Does Your teen refuse to go to school and never tell you why? Or just say ‘I Don’t Know!’If you said Yes, EVEN ONCE, Do this….Simply hand the Essential Social Skills Handbook For Teens to your child and watch their confidence SWELL in 30 DAYS.If your teen's confidence hasn't skyrocketed in 30 DAYS after implementing the techniques…You can (and should) get your money back. NO questions asked.I only want to be paid for the value I provide.I’m THIS confident because the techniques WORK.It has worked for over 500 teens…Parents have personally thanked me and expressed their relief.SCROLL DOWN NOW to read the reviews. so you’re comfortable giving this book to your child :)Here’s why the value I have to share will eliminate your teen’s anxiety...I was JUST LIKE your Teen:As a shy overweight teen lacking confidence...

I was haunted by the thought of raising my hand and talking out loud in class.I stood in a corner at the party afraid to talk to the girl that I liked.I was afraid of asking for what I deserved.I was mentally weak and lacked belief in myself.Figuring out my anxiety and shyness became my mission.Thanks to HOURS of counseling and mentorship and COUNTLESS failures from trial and error…Now, I’m not afraid and can talk to anyone I want to.Now, I can travel confidently to foreign continents, learn new languages (in weeks!) and experience new cultures.Now, I can talk to the opposite sex without any inhibitions.Now, I can learn any skill confidently because my anxiety does not hold me back.Your Teen can too! (without struggling and wasting years of their life like I had to)I will help Your Teen discover:

How to communicate and get the message across even when they feel like no one will understand them.An exercise SO Powerful, EVEN the U.S. Navy Seals unit uses it to remain calm under pressure.The ONE simple fix to sentences that will take communication to the next level and grasp anyone’s attention.How to communicate with parents even if the two of you are never on the same page.EVERYTHING your teen needs to set and smash their goals.And much, Much More

To make the deal even sweeter, I've carefully crafted BONUS templates (approved by licensed therapists) to help with goal setting, planning, and mindset transformation. FREE at the end of the book.Surely your child's confidence is worth more than $2.99, click 'BUY NOW'Dear Parent! This book is for YOU too!Head over to the addendum, for targeted parenting advice to support your child's growth.You'll NEVER be lost!

Even if they’ve tried and found other self-help books useless,this book will work for them because this is NOT a self-help book, it's a book to help you take specific action using templates to start today and get closer to your goal today.

Even if your teen HATES reading,this book will help overcome anxiety because it is a breezy read and relatable to their daily experience.

Even if mainstream generic advice has failed,this book is addressed to YOUR teen (the one going through this rollercoaster in the 2020s).

YOU, the parent, have a Crucial role in the development of your child with every decision you make,

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