Author: K.B. Winters

Category: Romantic Suspense

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Sinfully Sexy. Badass Fighter Pilots. A Heart Stopping, Toe Curling Military Romance. And an EXCLUSIVE BONUS!Jack “Boomer” McGuire, has packed a whole lot of living into his thirty-two years, thanks to his career as a US Navy Fighter Pilot.He’s preparing to ship out on yet another tour overseas and while he wouldn’t trade his life for anything—he can’t ignore the nagging feeling that he’s missing out on something—or someone. When a chance meeting with a Holly, a beautiful blonde CPA with her troublemaker pup in tow, turns his world upside down—he knows he wants more. More out of life. More of her sweet smile and more of her sexy ass in those tight jeans. He’s got two weeks to make her fall in love with him—if he can even get her to say yes to a date. Once he deploys, he knows even the strongest relationships can be torn apart by the hardships of war. Are two weeks long enough? Will Jack and Holly be strong enough? Or will they both give up before they even get started? They don't call him Player for nothing.Aaron 'Player' Rosen, ex-Navy Fighter Pilot, is at the top of his game. Whether he's chasing down vintage planes for the highly acclaimed Rosen Air Museum, or conquering sexy, beautiful women for the night—he always gets what he wants. When dark hair beauty, Talia, comes into his life, dripping with seduction and secrets, he's willing to go all in. But Talia is not who she says she is, and when Player finds out she’s a pawn in a dangerous billionaire's game—all bets are off. Has Player finally reached the end of his winning streak? Don't miss The Elite. Parts One Through Five! KB Winters' brand new Fighter Pilot Military Romance! Plus an Exclusive Story only found in this collection!