The Eli’s Cheesecake Cookbook by Collected Authors

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Recipes that capture the glory of one of America’s favorite desserts. “Slice of Heaven . . . This cheesecake is perfection on a plate.” —O, The Oprah Magazine
Eli’s cheesecake began more than thirty-five years ago, rising to prominence first as a featured item at one of Chicago’s most popular restaurants—Eli’s The Place for Steak, a classic steakhouse and pillar of the city’s culinary community that was also a noted celebrity watering hole. From Eli Schulman’s first cheesecake creation at Eli’s The Place for Steak to President Obama’s 50th birthday cake, this book details the storied history of one of the nation’s most famous desserts.
This cookbook includes forty cheesecake recipes, including Original Plain, Chocolate Chip, Cinnamon Rum Raisin, Belgian Chocolate, Espresso, and Banana, plus ten signature steakhouse dishes like the acclaimed Liver Eli. Schulman is often credited with putting “Chicago-style” cheesecake, richer and creamier than its New York counterpart, on the map. This collection will allow home cooks to make the same cheesecakes that helped celebrate Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s inauguration, Presidents Clinton and Obama’s inaugurations, Abraham Lincoln’s bicentennial, the City of Chicago’s 150th birthday, the White Sox World Series, and more. As Eli Schulman might say, it’s a helluva book.
“The best cheesecake for purists.” —Bon Appétit
“Intensely flavored, it is creamy without being too heavy . . . a local product making a national reputation because it is one of the best.” —The New York Times
“A Chicago legend and deservingly so.” —Chicago Tribune
“Guaranteed to satisfy the most ardent chocolate fan.” —Cooks Magazine
“King of Cheesecake.” —Chicago Sun-Times