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Wish you could recreate mushrooms all year round without waiting for the autumn rains?

Would you like to recognize the most delicious mushrooms and avoid the risk of picking poisonous ones?

Mushrooms can be a really delicious meal because of their delicate flavor, but if you cannot clearly distinguish the poisonous and intoxicating ones from the edible ones, picking them is really a risk that can cost you dearly.

If you think that just growing them indoors is enough to ensure that you can ingest mushrooms that are safe for your body, I have to give you some bad news: if grown under the wrong conditions, even the most innocuous mushrooms can be deadly!

You will find out everything you need to kick-start your mushroom cultivation, such as:

? An expert's most cutting-edge home-growing techniques for not compromising your cultivation and avoiding making your mushrooms toxic

? The 5 signs that instantly indicate which are the most dangerous mushrooms you should definitely stay away from

? A list of tasty mushroom recipes to make with the delicious mushrooms grown or found in nature

? An invaluable troubleshooting guide to burn through the initial steps and get your cultivation off to the best possible start

? Become a skilled mushroom finder by finding specimens weighing several pounds and arousing the envy of your friends


You will no longer have to fear to intoxicate your friends and family the next time you host a dinner party based on the mushrooms you pick in the woods or grow at home, fully aware that you are eating delicious and completely safe mushrooms!

What are you waiting for? Click on "Buy Now" and get ready to grow and search for dozens of mushrooms to eat with those you love most!