The Dirty Blood Series: Books 1–4 by Heather Hildenbrand

Author: Heather Hildenbrand

Category: Teen & Young Adult

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After being attacked and nearly killed tonight, I know two things for sure.
1. Werewolf mean girls are not normal.
2. Hot guys who aren’t fazed by a little murder are probably bad news.
Cue Wesley St. John. Hot, mysterious, and a little broody, he’s just enough of a distraction to keep me from spiraling. But Wes isn’t here to be friends. He’s made it very clear that he’s got a job to do and my naivete about his world only makes that harder.
I don’t think my attraction to him helps either.
Turns out everything I thought I knew about this world is a lie.
Werewolves really do exist–and I was born to kill them.
The first four books in the bestselling Dirty Blood series. Action-packed urban fantasy with a heavy dose of paranormal romance about one girl’s fight to save herself and the supernatural world of werewolves.
Get hooked on werewolves in a way you've never read them before! This set contains the first 4 books in the bestselling Dirty Blood series. Follow Tara's journey through the world of werewolves and Hunters from the beginning!