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Imagine: Breaking free of self-doubt, of all that self-criticism about being fat, old, or not good enough. Liberating yourself from fears born out of wounding relationships, disappointment, betrayal, loss, and abandonment. Finally being able to:Feel more confident without years of therapyFeel irresistibly attractive without dieting, losing weight, or buying a whole new wardrobeBe happy and spiritually alive without going to endless workshopsEnjoy real intimacy without losing yourself or being uncomfortable in a love relationshipBe fully present without a steady stream of worries and troubling thoughtsWhat if you could do this using a simple mental exercise?The strange truth is you can.It’s all in this concise, powerful book by renowned psychologist and Love Mentor® Dr. Diana Kirschner. Through a holistic plan that addresses body, mind, and soul, Dr. Diana shows you how to shed self-sabotage and become your Diamond Self, your best self—that person you were as a young child when you were connected to your joyful inner spirit.The Diamond Self Secret is based on neuroscientific studies, which show that no matter how old you are your brain is always learning and changing. The book offers an easy-to-follow guide that anyone can practice at home to shape this core transformational process: You will be able to instruct your brain to change your identity and, in so doing, change everything else.Join Dr. Diana on this journey to becoming the confident, joyful, attractive person you know you can be—your Diamond Self. Rely on her as your guide, cheerleader, and champion of possibility. Happiness, peace, and fulfillment are closer than you think.