Author: J.R. Rain and Matthew S. Cox

Category: Dark Fantasy & Paranormal

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The new paranormal mystery series by #1 bestselling authors J.R. Rain and Matthew S. Cox! For fans of The Witch and the Gentleman, A Discovery of Witches and Jessica Jones!Detective Madeline Wimsey tends to stand out with her wild red hair, pentacle amulets, and offbeat methods, but she has a tool few other cops use?magic.Maddy knows the universe wants to balance itself out, so she isn't above tossing around a spell or two whenever a killer's karma needs a little nudge in the right direction. As a member of a practicing coven, she's used to strange looks, hushed whispers, and rolled eyes, but couldn't care less what people think of her.After a man turns up dead in a grisly satanic rite, her fellow detectives are quick to crack jokes. Since they can't tell a pentacle from a pentagram, Maddy's happy to get the case. She suspects the ritual to be the work of amateurs, a theory that pans out when they track down the pack of clueless high school students who made the shrine in the woods. Convinced all is not as it appears to be, Maddy asks the Goddess for a push in the right direction and learns a disturbing truth:The Devil's Eye is watching her.????? "I absolutely loved this first book in the new series by these two authors! Individually, they are powerhouse authors… as a writing team, they have become the Dynamic Duo. This story was entertaining, had me reading non-stop until the end and was filled with such fun and likable characters! You can’t ask for more than that from a book! This is definitely a story that I can recommend to my friends without hesitation. If you are looking for something new to read that will keep you wanting more than pick up a copy of this one… you won’t regret it!" ?Amazon reviewer????? "What a team! Boy, can these men write! You’re in for hours of great entertainment, engrossing suspense and supernatural doings as you read The Devil’s Eye by J.R. Rain and Matthew S. Cox. This is a solidly, practically flawlessly written book with their newest heroine, Maddy Wimsey, a practicing Wiccan who is drawn into this case by the Universe herself. The authors write fabulous female characters (see Samantha Moon, Solstice Winters, and Alexis Silver) and Maddy is a wonderful addition. Fans of paranormal, fantasy, mystery and crime novels will be glad they picked up this very substantial and satisfying read." ?Amazon reviewer????? "I was quite intrigued by this new series, and rightfully so! The authors have created a powerful character in the persona of Maddy Wimsey. Not only is she a good cop who has worked her way up to become a good detective, but she is also a practicing witch who isn't afraid to use her magic when she feels it might be helpful. Unfortunately for Maddy, the universe tends to lead her to clues, not spell things out for her; so she does end up doing quite a bit of actual detective work along the way. The actual story behind the mysterious crime ended up being quite a bit more convoluted than I would have imagined, making for an intriguing story on the way to finding out what really happened." ?Amazon reviewer????? "Wow! Great read and a new favorite character for me. Detective Wimsey appears to be another strong personality to be reckoned with. I believe I will totally enjoy this series." ?Amazon reviewer????? "When J.R. Rain and Matthew S. Cox get together to write, you can expect a great book and this was no exception. Maddy Wimsey is a wonderful character who happens to be a detective and witch. The book is well written, has humor, mystery and characters that come to life as you read. I read it in one sitting because I just didn't want to put it down. I hope there are many more stories with Maddy!" ?Amazon reviewer