Author: Matthew Emmorey

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The Detourist tells the tale of Apenimon, a man down but not out. When Apenimon is tempted by shortcuts to the life he longs to live, he must choose what kind of man he wants to be. Will be take the easy way, or will he walk the long way to permanence?In the interludes between Apenimon’s story, we take a look at the construction of our elegant universe. The Detourist meanders between quantum physics, the law of attraction, imagination, willpower, and scripture, tying it all together with Jesus Christ.

“I have never had more clarity on my faith than I do right now.” - Mike E.“This is a book for people who have a faith life but also love science.” Bella P.

The Detourist is a Path out of competition and into cooperation, into a world that means you well. The Detourist will transform your inner state into one of greater trust, belief, exploration, play, discovery, and peace. If you are searching for evidence of a loving Creator, The Detourist will show you where to look.

The Detourist is for you if you want to:1) Find a way to your dream life without exhausting yourself with effort2) Feel like yourself more often3) Magnify the relationships with your loved ones4) Exist in a state of abundant joy5) Be able to operate with full acceptance of your reality6) Get out of your own way7) Feel the glee of great purpose8) Be effortlessly authentic

We are all on a journey like Apenimon’s, with fear and uncertainty, where trust is paramount. When courage and vulnerability become vital, at the crossroads between the easy way and the Way that creates ease, will you choose the uncommon Path?

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