Author: ES Carpenter

Category: LGBT

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A psychological perspective on a more comprehensive definition of normal, interwoven throughout a fictional love story.Two best friends living next door to each other since they were five. One matures to become the outward definition of normal, and one struggles but falls short. Together they start a journey of discovery and uncover a meaning far greater than the socially popular interpretation, and through their mutual caring, come to understand the deeper conflicts facing those who fall short of accepted norms. This is the story of their lives together, as they try to fit a definition that eludes more than our society acknowledges their friendship turns into a love that ends up defining their lives. A story about what unconditional love and acceptance truly mean as they spend the rest of their lives trying to fit the definition of normal.This 2 book story is about unconditional love and an example of how to love someone different. Come take a closer look at a greater definition of normal. The journey might just help you release a current unfounded paradigm or two.Adult version. Contains scenes of intimacy