Author: Travis Stone

Category: Thrillers & Suspense

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"A dark and sinister thriller that will chill your spine, reveals the murky dealings of a sordid and unknown conspiracy." Dart Larmorna (PhD) Saigon 1967: Amai is a seductress trapped in a dangerous spy-game, crucial to the Viet Cong's secret Tet Offensive.As the savagery of the Vietnam War surges and the lines of loyalty blur, Amai finds herself trapped between the relentless forces of U.S Military Intelligence and a faceless global power. Runing a knife-edge, she must call on every ounce of talent, to not just find the truth, but to survive the next minute.From Saigon's sordid underworld to the deadly jungles of Laos, Amai and all she loves, are swept up in a global conspiracy, locking them in an impossible dance of death - the fate of which will decide the outcome of the Vietnam War, the destiny of a generation - and forever alter the balance of global power."Historically accurate and written in the third-person, Stone pulls you into the boiling Saigon underworld on the eve of the massive Tet Offensive - where the war's outcome, and humanity's future lies in the hands of a beautiful spy, caught in a web of deceit infinitely more lethal than the sordid triangle in which she operates."~ The Oxford Observer"This is a must read for fans of Follett, Furst, Forsyth, Ludlum, Higgins, & Silva. It is also a must read for those wishing to understand the Vietnam War's function in the global conspiracy. An intense psychological thriller, the Cover of War will lock you in its grip until the last page. This story has something for all thriller fans, political, psychological, historical, espionage, and suspense."