The Convenience Series by Stella Gray

Author: Stella Gray

Category: Erotic Romance

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Deal starts: April 20, 2021

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I thought I was trying out to be the Zoric's newest model, but Luka was auditioning wives.

The last time I saw Luka Zoric, he left me stranded in his bed.
This time, I'm the one holding the cards.
He needs a bride, some good PR to redeem his playboy image.
All I need is a contract to set my plan in motion.
And a ring.

The sham arrangement fits right into my agenda.
I wasn’t expecting to feel something for my fake husband.
But maybe I'm getting sick of pretending.

Maybe I want to find something real.
And just maybe, Luka does too.

I hope so. Because if he finds out what I've done, this sham falls into shambles.
And I'm starting to think my heart will, too.