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Practical Ways to Overcome Shyness and Low Self-EsteemDo you suffer from acute shyness in social and work situations? Author, Lynette Crane describes her former-self as a “prisoner of shyness”— afraid to speak up, in a toxic relationship, and working too hard. Like many shy people she found it difficult to ask for help, ask for directions, and ask for the things she wanted and needed. How many of these outward signals of shyness do you identify with?Low speaking voice, garbled speech, or avoid talking altogetherSocial withdrawalPerfectionismPoor eye contactFidgetingRigid postureOr the most embarrassing ones of all: excessive perspiration and blushing!What happens when you have both shyness and low self-esteem?When we have a low self-worth or feel pessimistic about the future, we often have conversations in our heads that would drive away our best friends if they were the targets of such comments! Daily life can consists of a myriad of failures which seem to stretch on and on into infinity. This leads to poor intimate relationships, a lack of adequate support, an inability to make our talents really flower, and consequently, more depression and poorer health.Who is this book for?Unconfident introverts, shy extroverts, or anyone who wishes to gain the freedom and joy of a full life while remaining true to yourself will benefit from reading this book. There’s nothing wrong with being an introvert - someone who prefers one-on-one conversations to noisy groups, or enjoys spending time alone in which to renew energy, think, reflect, and create—but in our extrovert-oriented society, this healthy style is not always considered to be an asset, leading to self-esteem challenges and even shyness. Being shy can make you invisible—especially at work—where success, leadership and renown aren't necessarily rewards for being good at what you do, but recognition of how visible you have made your excellent qualities to others.Becoming visible and valuable to other people is simply a matter of learning skills—skills which are well worth acquiring because they contribute enormously not only to professional success, but to personal happiness, income, and even health. The Confident Introvert will show you how to make yourself more visible and gain the skills to overcome shyness and low self-esteem. You’ll learn:What are shyness and self-esteem?The relationship of shyness to self-esteemWhy introversion and shyness aren’t the same thing What is a shy extrovert?10 outward signs of shynessSituational shyness vs. chronic shyness Is shyness hereditary?6 consequences of shyness and low self-esteem and how to overcome themHandling criticism effectively Dealing with awkward questions How to be a great conversationalist even if you’re shyOnce a shy ballet dancer (a perfect profession for an unconfident introvert), Lynette Crane became a Psychology teacher. And, after researching what we shy people really need to succeed in life, created a college course course called “The Psychology of Shyness and Self-esteem.” Now a nationally acclaimed speaker, executive coach, corporate trainer; and most importantly, a confident introvert, she is committed to helping others develop the calmness, clarity, confidence, and courage to live a full life.If you’re ready to increase your self-confidence while remaining true to your naturally introverted nature then order your digital or print copy today. You can also begin to explore The Confident Introvert by clicking on “Look Inside” above.<