Author: Nicole Grotepas

Category: Science Fiction

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Holly Drake just got out of prison... but that doesn't mean she’s free.
The City of Jade Spires is no paradise, though everything about it says otherwise: the glimmering jade towers, the glow of a gas giant, and the 6 Moons balanced between four supposedly equal races.

Serving an unfair sentence like Holly’s clears up such a gross misconception pretty quick. When she walks free due to the intervention of a mysterious source, she soon realizes they want her to do something:

Steal a priceless jewel about to be moved off-planet.
With a record like hers—fair or not, that doesn’t matter—it’s the only work she can find. Her old life is over and there’s no bringing it back. Problem is, she has no idea how to pull off a heist and precious little time to figure it out.

But giving up was never an option. If it was, she wouldn't have landed in prison in the first place.

Why Holly? Who’s pulling her strings? And just how far across the 6 Moons system and into danger will she have to go for answers before time runs out?

Fans of Firefly, Leverage, and The Mandalorian will enjoy this moon-hopping adventure in a far away solar system. Grab your copy of The Colossus Collection today!