Author: Alice Hoffman

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Four lyrical and unforgettable tales from one of our “most interesting novelists”—including the

New York Times


Seventh Heaven

(Jane Smiley).



said of her novel

Practical Magic,

Alice Hoffman has a “gift for touching ordinary life as if with a wand, to reveal how extraordinary life really is.” Whether in an ancient tribe of female warriors or a sleepy Long Island suburb in the late 1950s, the novels in this collection carve out a piece of that uniquely Hoffmanesque landscape—somewhere between magic and reality, hope and disappointment, the mythical and the mundane—where we are surprised but delighted to rediscover mercy and our humanity.  

The Foretelling

: This young adult

New York Times

bestseller is the “spare, compelling coming-of-age story” of Rain, born out of sorrow but destined to lead her tribe of Amazon warriors (

Kirkus Reviews

). Determined to win her mother’s love and take her rightful place as the next queen, Rain becomes a brave and skilled fighter. But the dream of a black horse clouds her future, portending death. Peace, mercy, and love are forbidden words in her people’s language—can Rain teach her sisters to speak in a new tongue before it’s too late?   “Alluring . . . Hoffman’s prose eloquently expresses the beliefs and rituals of a lost civilization and offers a sympathetic portrait of a young leader who chooses kindness over cruelty.” —

Publishers Weekly


White Horses

: A “sexually charged . . . almost hypnotic” story about the fairy-tale fantasies of girlhood and the realities of growing up (

Publishers Weekly

). When Teresa was a little girl, she dreamed of fearless heroes on white horses, the romantic outlaws who populated the stories her mother told her. As an adult, she is irresistibly drawn to her brother, Silver, even as he recklessly pursues a life of crime and danger, captivated by the belief that he may be the night rider of her dreams.   “Haunting . . . Alice Hoffman is a daring and able writer.” —

The New Yorker


Angel Landing

: An explosion at a nuclear power plant under construction on Angel Landing changes the lives of Natalie, a therapist; her activist boyfriend, Carter; her eccentric aunt Minnie; and the man who walks into her office with an incredible confession to make.   “Alice Hoffman’s writing at its precise and heartbreaking best.” —

The Washington Post


Seventh Heaven

: In this

New York Times

bestseller, the arrival of a free-thinking divorced mother, Nora Silk, and her two young sons transforms a Long Island suburb during the summer of 1959, in a novel that’s “part

American Graffiti

, part early Updike” (

The New York Times

).   “Before you know it, you’re half in love with the ordinary people who inhabit this book; you’re seduced by their susceptibility to the remarkable.” —

The New Yorker