Author: Lilian Monroe

Category: Erotic Romance

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Red-hot, steamy, and packed with mountain man goodness.Book 1: Lie to MeHe retreated to the mountains to run away. She’s only in town for business. When their worlds collide, the thing that brings them together could also tear them apart… forever.Maddy is everything I never wanted.She doesn’t belong here.Neither her, nor the company she works for.… and yet, as soon as I see her, I need her.I should run her out of town, but I can’t.Her soft, sweet curves call out to me.Her pink, kissable lips draw me in.Her eyes flick towards me, and I know.She’s mine.But when a secret threatens to drive us apart, I need to choose between my town, my life, my everything… or a chance at the one thing I never thought I’d have:Love.Book 2: Swear to MeA family feud runs deep between us. Ten years later, Mara McCoy is back. She’s all grown up… and she’s about to be all mine.My family has been living in these mountains for generations.And for generations, we’ve hated the McCoys.So, when Mara arrives back in town after a failed engagement, all I feel is bitter satisfaction.Serves her right, as far as I’m concerned.… and then I see her.Womanly. Graceful.Seductive as hell.And completely off-f**king-limits.To my family, hooking up with Mara would be a cardinal sin.But boundaries were made for crossing, right?And I’m I’m not just crossing this boundary, I’m demolishing it.I’m claiming Mara.Mine, mine, mine.When our families find out about us, the fallout will change this town forever… if it doesn’t destroy us first.Book 3: Run to MeEthan’s past is behind him, until Zoe arrives in town to investigate. It would be a perfect love story… but one secret could tear them apart for good.One night. That’s all it’s supposed to be.One wild, unforgettable night.And then we go our separate ways.Until Zoe shows up in my town and starts investigating my past. I thought it was all behind me. Everyone had moved on, including me.I was wrong.I would keep my distance, run her out of town, do what I need to do to move on…… but I can’t.She’s irresistible. Intoxicating. Exhilarating.I want her.Her skin, her body, her voice, her scent.I want all of her.Our chemistry is undeniable, but this town has too many secrets.When the truth comes out, I could lose everything…… including her.Get the Complete Clarke Brothers Series today!