Author: Twila Tewson

Category: Erotic Romance

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Dear Santa,
For Christmas, I want a man, not coal. Kinky guys need only apply.
– Andrew Fields

When Drew agrees to write letters to Santa, it’s only because he’s overindulged on the holiday spirits, hung over, and in need of a quiet – emphasis on quiet – activity to keep his niece busy. He certainly doesn’t expect an answer.

Enter, Kris.

Kris Pelsnickel may or may not be an elf, a forgotten pagan god, or even the big man himself in his off-season disguise, but one thing that Drew knows for certain is that he’s a pain, literally sometimes. Kris – gorgeous, hilarious, and gifted with a stern right hand – is there to encourage Drew in his seasonal aspirations, one spanking, kink, or orgasm at a time. Soon, Drew isn’t certain if he’s trying for the daydream of a lover that he asked for or the love of one very specific spirit of the season, but either way, Drew’s holiday season has just gotten more interesting than he ever imagined possible.