The Billionaire Marriage Trilogy by MacKenzie Stowe

Author: MacKenzie Stowe

Category: New Adult Romance

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The Billionaire's Fake Marriage
I asked her to marry me to save my company, I never thought I would fall in love with her.
My company, my life’s work, everything I’ve accomplished is on the line.
I need to get married and fast.
It will be easy to consider it a business arrangement.
One that will be lucrative for both my assistant, Mika, and myself.
I won’t think about how this takes away the whole problem of dating an employee.
But it doesn’t take away my desire to make her mine.
My career was all that mattered to me and getting ahead.
When Ryan gives me an opportunity of a lifetime, I can’t say no.
But that was before I became his wife.
That was before I moved in with him.
That was before I started to fall in love with him.
Now I want to find a way to stay with him forever.
The Billionaire's Temporary Marriage
I only needed her to be with me for a year, but how do I convince her to stay?
No one knows me better than Faith.
When I'm in the biggest fight of my life.
She is the only one I think to turn to.
It was only supposed to be temporary.
I never imagined I would fall in love with her.
Or want to make her mine.
Whatever Cole asks of me I will do.
When he asks me to marry him, I can’t say no.
Despite the fact that I'm in love with him.
And I know he'll never love me.
He says it will only be for a year.
But how do I convince him to make it forever?
The Billionaire's Necessary Marriage
I had given her my name, I had given her my protection, but that didn't mean I had any right to her.
I gave her a place to stay, and I owed my life to her brother, who died saving mine.
It was only supposed to be until I was done with my deployment.
But now I need her to stick around a little while longer.
To help me, secure a future from a father I never wanted to know and brothers who despise me.
I never counted on needing or wanting Sabrina, nor falling in love with her.
She is everything I could ever want but I have no idea how to make her mine.
It had been foolish to get married just to have a place to stay.
But I was desperate and it wasn’t going to last.
That was until I find myself flying to New York with Ethan and meeting his family
To seeing the wonderful man that he is.
And how desperate he wants a sense of purpose and to belong.
That I want to be the one who gives him all of that and my heart.