Author: Jim Harrison

Category: Literary Fiction

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From the New York Times–bestselling author of The Great Leader and Legends of the Fall: a retired detective confronts the sins of man in rural Michigan.

In The Great Leader, Mark Twain Award–winning author Jim Harrison introduced readers to the hard-drinking, nearly-retired Detective Sunderson. In this darkly comic follow-up, Sunderson takes stock of his past, while his outlaw neighbors bring new havoc to his doorstep.

To flee his troubles, Detective Sunderson buys a hunting cabin in a remote area of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. But with neighbors like the Ames family, there is no peace to be found. Armed to the teeth, the Ameses have local law enforcement too intimidated to take them on. Then Sunderson’s cleaning lady, a comely young Ames woman, is murdered, and black sheep brother Lemuel Ames seeks Sunderson’s advice on a crime novel he’s writing which may not be fiction.