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"I am into cleansing toxins from the body and love this book for all the great ideas. We are exposed to so much pollution from the air and foods we eat. I just love the recipes!" Ellen ShinnWHO WOULDN'T WANT TO KNOW HOW TO LOSE 7 LBS. USING A QUICK "BODY DETOX & 3-DAY CLEANSE?" Thousands of people are losing weight following a simple, yet effective, juice fasting diet; you could be one of them! Losing body weight through a detox and cleanse is not as hard as you might think. There are many juices that can help you achieve your goal in just 3-7 days. Learn how to:"Why You Go for Juice Fast?":Juice fasts are becoming a popular remedy to help cut down on fat, calories, and to help people lose weight. Unlike some popular diets, juicing supplies the body with many vitamins and minerals. These nutrients cleanse the body, repair the immune system, aid in maintaining proper digestion, and reset physiological processes that have been riddled with pollutants. Many individuals who have utilized this method for weight loss have reported losing an average of one pound a day. Fat Burning and Body detox by "Juicing":Juice fasting, also referred to as "juice cleansing," is a detox diet that requires individuals to drink healthy juices to obtain nutrition and restarting your body system.Juicing is a powerful detox that flushes toxins out of the body as a part of an all-natural, self-regulatory cleansing process. People, on average, have at least 5-10 pounds of accumulated toxins in their cells, organs, and tissues. These include pesticides, chemicals, drug residues, food additives, traces of metal, and a long list of toxins found in the environment that people consume on a daily basis. Fortunately with regular juicing, an improvement in the body's ability to detoxify and repair itself on a cellular level is possible. Secrets of Juice Fasting for Weight loss by Quick Body Detox, Cleanse, "What Inside this Book?":•Juice fasting Detox and Cleansing.•What exactly is a Juice Fast?•Does juice fasting help you to shed unwanted pounds?•Why juice fasting is so popular among celebrities and medical professionals: Is juice fasting safe for everyone?•Still confused: Can you participate in a “JUICE FASTING” program? Want to know more benefits?•To succeed is any preparation/ planning required before “JUICE FASTING?”•Prior to starting the “juice fasting”, determine if your body requires any preparations.•You want to maintain optimal health while fasting. Don’t avoid these INSTRUCTIONS & RECOMMENDATIONS.•How do you feel? Yes, expect PHYSICAL & EMOTIONAL changes before and after fasting.•Some quick tips to make your juice fasting HEALTHY and SAFE.•How you correlate “Juice Fasting” with “Weight Loss”.•Is your weight loss safe with juice fasting?•What are the best FRUITS & VEGETABLES for weight loss?•MYRIAD OF NUTRIENTS THE BODY REQUIRES TO ACHIEVE WEIGHT LOSS GOALS.TOP & EASY 50- DELICIOUS FAT BURNING and Body Detox "Juicing Recipes" Including Your's Ready Made Calories and Other Health Benefits of Each Recipes: •If you are a BEGINNER: Start a "3-DAY JUICE FASTING CHALLENGE" for “WEIGHT LOSS”.•You are an Expert: How to start your “7 DAY FASTING” CHALLENGE.•How to ensure the SUCCESS of the fast.•CLEANSING AND DETOXIFICATION WITH JUICING.•WHICH FRESH JUICES ARE BEST FOR A JUICE FAST?•SELECTING THE JUICER / HELPFUL TIPS FOR PURCHASING A JUICER &TOP 10 JUICERS?This book is Delivered Instantly to Your Kindle or Other Reading Device Just Click "Buy"• If you don't have Kindle you can still read this book on Your Web Browser using free Kindle Cloud Reader.• The free Kindle app lets you read this Kindle book on your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch