Author: Mark Harbinger

Category: Dark Fantasy & Paranormal

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MARSHALL. The voices of his childhood schizophrenia had always haunted him. But, his powers weren't from those;they were from the other voices- the real ones. Now, the government, his surrogate family of rogue former superheros, and warring Demi-Gods all demand Marshall's help.

PALLA. When the irreverent CEO of the Blue Rooks Church was asked to take Marshall under her wing, she discovered Marshall and the Church have a history that is dark and complicated. In order to save both, she is faced with moving beyond doubt, and embracing a cosmic destiny.

END DAY. Can Marshall find his own voice in time?

The Be(k)nighted is the story of the world's first schizophrenic occult fantasy hero, THE PRECEPT! One year ago, on October 4th, 2021 this epic, urban occult fantasy novel was first published; so, the author is celebrating this limited-time, FREE promotion.

Of THE PRECEPT's appearance in the comic books, none other than Ron Marz, legendary comic industry writer (DC/Marvel/Image/Dark Horse) said: ""Not a dream, not what you're expecting, but what you need. The Precept is the start of something special by Mark Harbinger. Get in on it now."

It's Dr. Fate meets The Good Doctor! Order it today!