Author: Ralf Haley

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**THE AMAZON #1 FOOTBALL AND #1 SPORT BESTSELLER**"...laugh out loud funny...""...not a good idea to read on the tube...""...what an adventure...""...charming, funny and inspiring...""...a brilliant story...""...Read it from cover to cover over one evening..."Did you ever want to be a professional footballer but never made it? Join the club.However not content to live out his days working behind a desk, Ralf Haley decided to chase the dream once more. There's only one problem, he's dreadful at football.After writing to 1000 football clubs around the world, Ralf was given a handful of trials and thus set off on an unlikely journey of hope and discovery.Backed by an expansive production and film crew of one, Ralf's brother joined him on his quest to document his attempt to achieve the impossible, to become a professional footballer! One minute, one euro, ANYWHERE will do...Read how Ralf laughs, winces and generally makes a fool of himself in search of 'The Beautiful Dream'. in a story that changed his life forever.You can see the two trailers for the book and accompanying film below: