Author: Rebecca Muddiman

Category: Crime Fiction

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How do you catch a killer who thinks murder is art?Michael Fisher sees himself as an artist rather than a killer and poses his victims to resemble famous paintings.  Detective Nick Kelly is called to attend the latest crime scene and finds himself at the centre of a media storm. But while the rest of the police department feels under pressure, Nick relishes the attention. Karen Kelly, Nick’s soon to be ex-wife, watches in horror as this brutal game of cat and mouse plays out. But Karen has secrets of her own. And when another body is found, Nick is disturbed to discover he knows the victim and things start to get a little too close to home.Rebecca Muddiman is also the author of the bestselling psychological thriller No Place Like Home. The Art of Murder is a beautifully written and completely compelling thriller which will appeal to fans of authors like Clare Mackintosh, Jenny Blackhurst and Louise Jensen.