Author: Sybil Bartel

Category: Romantic Suspense

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This Box Set includes the first two books in the Best Selling Alpha Antihero Series, HARD LIMIT and HARD JUSTICE!Start the page-turning, heart-stopping story of Tarquin 'Candle' Scott today!HARD LIMITOne breath.That was all I needed.Air in my lungs so I could exhale through the pain.Stabbed and broken, my limbs useless, I tried and failed to lift my head. Mosquitoes swarmed, and the sun dropped. My face in the mud, I swore to myself I would not die out here. Then I heard her voice—angel soft and breathless—and I wondered if I had been kidding myself. I did not have time to figure it out. A small hand landed on my back, and I fisted my bloody knife. If I was going to die tonight, I was taking someone with me.HARD JUSTICEOne second.That was all I needed.My gun in my hand, my finger on the trigger, I waited. Yesterday I had been driven by revenge. Yesterday my life had been measured in a single act. Yesterday I did not have the taste of her on my lips. Today was different. I wanted more than justice. I wanted the life I had been robbed of.Except twelve men with guns drawn were standing between me and her, and I should have been dead already. But they made a crucial mistake. They underestimated my resolve. I pulled the trigger.*HARD LIMIT and HARD JUSTICE are the first two books in the Alpha Antihero Series and must be read in order.The Alpha Antihero Series:HARD LIMITHARD JUSTICEHARD SINHARD TRUTH